meet the writer

Hello World! My name is Marissa, but I am known mostly by my alias BlaqueButtaflyy! I have gone by that name for years, because for me, it has significant meaning.  A butterfly to me, represents beauty, femininity and evolution. I feel like these components make up who I am and what I would like to represent for all women.

Growing up, I have always loved to be girly and wear the latest in trendy fashion, thanks to my Mom and Grandma who raised me to always be a lady and enjoy being a girl. Through the years, it has evolved from something I enjoy doing into an actual passion. I noticed how shopping, and dressing up nice was therapeutic for me. It is a big confidence booster and a great way to express yourself as an individual. My confidence usually shines through my clothing and others began to take notice.

Being that so many women would compliment me and ask me suggestions about beauty, fashion and make-up, I began to ponder how I can reach women on a grander scale. I wanted to make it a goal to empower women all over to be their best selves and feel bold, beautiful and confident through the common interest of beauty and fashion. Thus, Flyygirlfashions was birthed.

The mission of Flyygirlfashions is to promote self-confidence, boost self-esteem, highlight the accomplishments of flyygirls doing great things for and within their communities, give inspiration, encouragement and appeal to the totality of womanhood: mind, body and spirit.

Through this blog, I want to be able to truly connect with my audience and make you feel like I am your greatest friend, promoter and supporter even if we have never met. I plan to share my experiences with you, the good and not so good, the ups the downs, the real and my truth.  It is my hope that through my thoughts and perceptions, I can get you to view yourself or even this world through a different lens.

I welcome you to Flyygirlfashions and I hope that you enjoy all that I have to offer! I look forward to becoming acquainted with you and learning all about your thoughts, opinions, dreams and goals. Thank you for visiting and remember be fabulous, be fierce and most of all be flyy!

XOXO -BlaqueButtaflyy