Scripted Scents Vegan Dry Body Oil Review!!

Hey Flyy girls!!! If you are anything like me, you are a lover of all things beauty! One of my favorite past times is lavishing in different types of lotions, body oils, sprays, body washes, bath bombs and other beauty and skin care items. However, I have noticed that with every year older I get, my body starts to change and has become way more sensitive and prone to break outs from different products. As a result, I have had to start being more conscious of what I choose to put on my skin. Which is not a bad thing at all, considering that so many beauty products that we know and love can have dangerous and harmful ingredients. I tend to look for products that are unscented, natural or vegan for everything from hair care to skin care to hygiene. So I was very excited when I got an inbox from Ra'Gean of Scripted Scents to try out and review a product of my choosing from her Handmade Plant-Based Vegan Bath, Body and Beard care line! Visit the website here.

I chose the Dry Body Oil product to try in the Pineapple Ice Cream Soda Scent. My skin has been extremely dry due to a winter that feels like it has literally lasted FOREVER, and a lot of things have not worked to keep me moisturized outside of using whipped shea butter or coconut oil, which can sometimes be really heavy. So I wanted a product that would be light weight but still get the job done and I think I have found just that with this product. The product comes in a spray bottle which I love because it makes it so easy and convenient to use as well as travel with. It goes on easy and smooth and makes your skin feel really soft! It does not leave behind heavy residue or stains and absorbs really well in the skin after application. Also the smell is very light and feminine and not too heavy. The best part is that it comes in different scents so you get to choose what suits you best! The ingredients are listed on the bottle so there is no question as to what you are putting on your skin! My favorite feature of all about this product is the scripture that is included on each item! Very unique and heart warming! I give this product a thumbs up and encourage you to try! Click here to shop this product on the Scripted Scents website! Thank you to Scripted Scents for allowing me to try your product!

Take care of yourself ladies!



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