Brighten your Beautiful Smile!

Hey Flyy Fam!! I wanted to share with you a super awesome and convenient at home teeth whitening system by Smile Brilliant!! First let me jump in to why I was interested in whitening my teeth!

I am an avid coffee lover and wine lover. Unfortunately those are two of the top types of beverages that cause stains to the teeth. Over several years of partaking in those types of drinks, it started to turn my teeth to more of a “Mother of Pearl” color. I am one who loves to laugh and smile so my teeth not looking their best really put a damper on my self-confidence. I go every 6 months to my dentist to get my teeth cleaned, however the in office whitening systems are super expensive even with my dental insurance. This was especially disheartening with me also beginning to build my brand, and knowing that meant I needed to smile often at networking and promo events as well as market myself as the face of my brand which is fashion and beauty focused.

After being discouraged for a while, I was elated when Smile Brilliant reached out to me and asked if I would like to partner with them for a giveaway that would also give me a chance to try a cost efficient teeth whitening system. Of course this made me over the moon excited to be able to whiten my teeth and do something special for my followers. After agreeing to participate, I received my shipment super-fast with no problems at all, and the Smile Brilliant team is a joy to work with and are very nice and thorough with answering any questions or concerns. In my shipment I received the necessary materials to make the mold for my custom fitted teeth whitening trays! After sending off my molds for both my top and bottom teeth, my trays came within about a week and fit me PERFECTLY!

I wore my custom fitted teeth whitening trays at least 2 days a week anywhere from 1 to 3 hours for about 6 weeks. On average the company recommended doing 7-12 whitening sessions so I tried my best to do my sessions as recommended. I didn’t experience much irritation or sensitivity but the great thing is if I did, Smile Brilliant already provided me with de-sensitizing gel and suggestions to lessen the sensitivity should it have occurred as it can be a normal part of the whitening process for many. After doing the sessions as suggested , I could see a HUGE difference in the color and appearance of my teeth!!! This stuff REALLY does work.

I feel way more confident and eager to show off my smile after doing the whitening process using the Smile Brilliant products! The process was simple and convenient and I was able to do it on my own time in the comfort of my home. I was supplied with everything I needed in order for the process to be smooth and painless and there is a TON of information available on the Smile Brilliant website to address any inquiries or concerns you may have while doing your sessions! I am so grateful for this opportunity to try out this product! You can’t get me to stop smiling now! I feel that everyone should be able to achieve their best smile without stressing out and breaking the bank to do so! I truly believe a smile can be a persons best asset! Now for the good part, If you have been wanting to whiten your teeth, here is your chance!!

Take advantage of your chance to #smilefearlessly by entering my giveaway! One lucky winner will receive their very own $149 Smile Brilliant credit which is the value of the T3 Sensitive Whitening System! This giveaway is open to Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and United States! Even if you do not win the credit, you can use my code flyygirlfashions15 for 15% off your purchase of Smile Brilliant products! Smile Brilliant teeth whitening trays are up to %70 less and up to 5x faster! The average U.S. dentist charges $500 for this exact same service! So what are you waiting for? Go enter now!!! Here is the link! Good luck!


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