Grow back those baby hairs with Edge Naturale Follicle Enhancer!

Hey Flyy Girls! So lets talk hair! As Black Women we have ALL been on quite the interesting journey of trying to care for our crowns. I can honestly say that I absolutely love the versatility of Black hair and trying out so many different styles, colors, and extensions! It is so fun and speaks to the innovation and uniqueness of our culture. That being said, since we like to take risks sometimes in the name of looking Flyy, our hair sometimes pays the price. I personally have generally always had a healthy head of hair, but I too have had mishaps along the way. Whether it was damage from relaxers, or my hair being tangled due to not detangling properly after a protective style I wore for 4-8 weeks. To get my hair back to a healthier state, I went natural around 2012 and was natural for years until 2018 when I decided due to lack of time to attend to the very demanding needs of natural hair that I wanted to get a relaxer. I only get my relaxers about twice a year but it has definitely allowed my hair to be a lot more manageable especially in between salon visits. It has been a long time coming on this healthy hair journey and although my hair is in a good place, my edges are very sensitive and I have had breakage to occur after having protective styles that had a little tension on my edges. I have been looking for something to help target that area and low and behold I was given the opportunity to try the Edge Naturale Follicle Enhancer. I tried the product for a month and it yielded very good results. See photo below after a fresh salon visit post trialing this product.

As you can see, my hair is healthy, shiny and the edges are definitely full and flourishing. Now lets get into some details about the company and product. Per the company's website "Edge Naturale products were created to enhance follicle growth in difficult to grow areas of hair and to promote overall hair growth from the scalp. Our unique blend is formulated to revive thinning edges, bald spots, beards and even eyebrows." Upon learning more about the company I was definitely excited to learn of a product that was created to address problem areas especially with Black hair and to add to my excitement it is also Black owned!

Upon opening the jar my senses were immediately filled with the soothing smell of peppermint. I absolutely love the consistency as it is very light , creamy and non greasy. The product is made of natural ingredients such as natural oils, peppermint and coconut milk. Upon application it gives a cooling and soothing feel to the scalp. I liked to apply before bed because sleeping is the best time for revitalization and restoration to your body , being sure to also put on a silk scarf or bonnet as part of the nightly routine. Ladies it is definitely worth a try if you have areas that you would like to stimulate hair growth. This company has more to offer as well for additional healthy hair needs. So go now and check them out and be sure to try out the Follicle Enhancer and keep those edges on fleek!

Muah! XOXO-Bflyy


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